Skandika SF-1140 Rowing Machine Review

The Skandika SF-1140 is the perfect balance between affordability and practicality. This model has everything you need for a great rowing session, but it does lack some of the features that machines twice its price offer. But this is a ...

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Viavito Sumi Folding Rowing Machine Review

Quiet, smooth and compact, the Viavito Sumi folding rower is a great choice for users who want a great workout, but don’t to sacrifice too much space in their home. Affordable and user-friendly, there’s a lot to love about the ...

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Bodymax Infiniti R90 Rowing Machine Review

Rowing is a full-body workout that not only boosts your cardiovascular health and helps you build muscle, but it can also be done by users of all ages. The Bodymax Infiniti R90 can be used by young and elder users ...

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Concept II SkiErg Review

Love skiing, but can’t get to the slopes as often as you’d like? The Concept II SkiErg will keep you in shape and bring the classic sport of skiing right into your home gym. This is the same machine pro ...

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york excel 310

Best Folding Rowing Machine – Our Top 5 Picks

You’re ready to buy a rowing machine (great!). There’s just one problem: you don’t have a whole lot of space. Compact rowing machines are great, but you need something even better than that. You need a foldable rowing machine. Okay, ...

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Tunturi Classic Row 3.0 Rowing Machine

Tunturi Classic Row 3.0 Rowing Machine Review

Foldable, durable and able to hold users up to 135 kilograms in weight, the Tunturi Classic 3.0 allows you to experience what it’s like to row in pure bliss while using muscles that often go underappreciated and underutilized. The 3.0 ...

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Bodymax R50 Rowing Machine

Bodymax R50 Rowing Machine Review

The Bodymax R50 is a rowing machine that’s perfect for beginners. With adjustable 4-way resistance through an elastic rope system, this model’s tension levels are on the lighter side, but will provide new rowers with an excellent workout. We had ...

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tunturi bremshey go rw3

Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 Rowing Machine Review

I’m so excited to have had the opportunity to try the Tunturi Bremshey Go RW3 rowing machine. While I’ve tried several different models in the past, this one was a little bit different because it was so highly reviewed in ...

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